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Where it all started

A passion for Japan and a curiosity about the ancient traditions of the country were the starting points for Tony Sanguinetti, founder and Managing Director of MINERVA Research Labs Ltd. 

Created in 2009, MINERVA Research Labs has become a recognised health and beauty company by launching reference brands that fundamentally challenge the way consumers look at nutritional supplements and beauty regimes. At MINERVA Research Labs, our purpose is to help people live better, longer. A commitment that unfolds through expertise and excellence, driven by innovation and supported by science. We listen, understand and we guide. Fostering well-being from within. Understanding the growing interest for healthy nutrition, Tony Sanguinetti, Founder & CEO launched the 1st collagen-based liquid beauty supplement in the UK, GOLD COLLAGEN® PURE, expanding the range and the markets over the years and launching then a new brand in 2021 with COLLAGEN SUPERDOSE™ to answer to a change of behaviour in consumers' mind towards a more practical and affordable supplement. In 2021 also consolidated NUTRIJUVINATE® CLINIC and its community of experts available to offer services and share knowledge around nutrition, skincare and wellbeing. Dedicated to producing only high-quality effective products, MINERVA collaborates with renowned universities, gold-standard testing facilities, suppliers and manufacturers to deliver clinically tested and scientifically developed products all made with three fundamental attributes: research, high quality and efficacy. In 2015 their formulation was granted a European patent for the advanced complex within GOLD COLLAGEN®. MINERVA Research Labs Ltd is one of the London Stock Exchange Group's ELITE programme. MINERVA Research Labs Ltd has been recognised as a major contributor to the UK export market in the third prestigious Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 by being placed at No. 24 in the 2018 ranking. 

From this trip the idea was born of offering, to the Western market, a product that encompasses the Japanese secret to youthful radiant skin.

By leveraging Japanese as well as European expertise, the goal was to create a liquid beauty supplement that contains collagen, anti-oxidants and other active ingredients to nourish and care for the skin.  From the research laboratories of MINERVA and the wisdom of Japan came GOLD COLLAGEN®, a new generation skincare solution that works from within to promote beautiful and younger looking skin. To find out more, visit www.minervalabs.com 

Minerva Research Labs with its brands is committed to Recyclable Glass Bottles since 2011

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At MINERVA Research Labs, we are committed to offering specialist, innovative and great tasting collagen drinks that truly improve your health and beauty. Working with leading academic institutes, nutrition and scientific experts, we have created with GOLD COLLAGEN® a range of collagen supplements supported by 3 European Patents, 10 clinical studies on over 1,300 subjects, with results published in 12 peer-reviewed scientific papers and medical books. 

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