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Did you know collagen peptides in liquid form have an unbeatable delivery system for optimum absorption of all nutrients?

Ditch the messy and inconvenient collagen powders and difficult to swallow tablets for liquid. It's super convenient and easy to take, and quickly digests within your digestive system.

What's more, our enhanced patented Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide formulation contains BioPerine®, a magical black pepper extract that vastly improves absorption and bioavailability.


Our star ingredient, Hydrolysed Collagen, contributes to 30% of proteins found within the human body.

Due to our highly effective liquid delivery system, the Hydroylsed Collagen in our supplements has numerous health and beauty benefits such as supporting collagen formation, joints and muscles, while improving skin's elasticity.

But don't take our word for it, our patented formulas are all supported by clinical trials for proven efficacy. (Who doesn't like good data to backup it up?)


sWe take our ingredients more seriously than diets, that's why, for our experts, quality is key. We've carefully selected the absolute best-in class nutrients, to support your SKIN, HAIR or JOINT CARE needs. Thanks to ingredients such as Hydrolysed Collagen, Rocket Extract, Biotin or Glucosamine, building a healthy & beautiful body is easy and starts with a daily dose of SUPERDOSE. What's more, each of our formulations are suitable for a Halai diet and contain: No gluten, No sugars, No artificial sweeteners, No artificial colours, No alcohol and No GMO.


Sugar free and packed with goodness. Your dream results taste like Peach, and Multi-Fruit. Who said working for a healthy body had to taste bad? Not us!


No need to sacrifice your wallet! Get your full SKIN, HAIR or JOINT CARE support with just one bottle of SUPERDOSE for under £1 per day per dose. Let's keep it simple. One bottle, up to 15 SUPER-powerful ingredients, countless health and beauty benefits. Easy-Breezy.


All our bottles are made from glass, which is a completely sustainable meterial. How? Glass is 100% recycled and serves as a raw material to make new packaging.

At Collagen Superdose, we believe we all play an important role in climate change.

We do our part to actively minimise global waste by using glass bottles, making it SUPER friendly for the planet and SUPER easy to recycle.


Embrace winter confidently, knowing that as temperatures drop and your beauty and wellness needs grow to keep in tip top condition, COLLAGEN SUPERDOSE  has got you covered!

COLLAGEN SUPERDOSE  is brought to you GOLD COLLAGEN , the pioneers in liquid collagen supplement that is clinically proven to boost your wellness.

COLLAGEN SUPERDOSE  is a tasty and effective daily collagen drink. Its liquid format makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients and achieve greater and faster results that last for a long time so say goodbye to flaky skin, dry and unhealthy that’s prone to hair fall, that winter low energy levels, and the unwelcomed muscle stiffness.

COLLAGEN SUPERDOSE range is enriched with collagen peptides for youthful skin, hydrating hyaluronic acid, energy-boosting vitamin B6, immune-supportive vitamin C, and joint-loving glucosamine, this is no ordinary elixir. 


A new generation of liquid Collagen supplements has arrived!

SKIN, HAIR and JOINTS are now in your hands. 


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